Under the Covers

People with disability are like anyone else. They want to have fulfilling and loving relationships, express their sexuality and enjoy a satisfying sexual life. Is that really too much to ask? We don’t think so. Join our campaign and form your own opinion. Sign-up now!


Under the Covers is a new campaign raising awareness and educating the community about the right for people with disability to express their sexuality, have fulfilling and loving relationships, and enjoy a satisfying sexual life.

For the campaign, six people with disability, including a married couple, share their real life experiences of navigating intimate relationships and exploring their sexuality, in a series of heartfelt videos. The open and frank interviews reveal some of the barriers to relationships and intimacy faced by people with disability, as well as the participants’ dreams and desires for a loving partner and fulfilling relationship. Participants even reveal the thing they most want to improve their own sex life!

We’ll be releasing the videos one topic at time on this page over the next few months, beginning with Sex and Disability.

Other topics covered include:

  • Love, Relationships and Intimacy
  • Community Attitudes
  • Accessing Sex Workers

Video 4 – Sex Workers

What do disability-friendly sex workers do? How do you find one? How do you talk to your family and friends about them? Six people with disability discuss the stigmas, difficulties and rewards involved in accessing sex workers in the latest episode of Under the Covers.

Video 3 – Community Attitudes

What are the most common misconceptions about sex and disability? How do community attitudes on this issue affect the lives of people with disability? In the third video in our Under the Covers series our participants bust some popular myths and discuss how they would like to see attitudes change.

Video 2 – Love, Relationships and Intimacy

Love and relationships can be tricky for anyone. They can be even trickier when you live with disability. In this second video in our Under the Covers series we talk to six people with a range of disabilities about the challenges of finding love, sharing intimacy and maintaining healthy relationships.

Video 1 – Sex and Disability

Watch Part One now. In this video, our participants share what sex means to them, how they do it, how often they do it and what’s frustrating for them when getting intimate. To stay up-to-date with our campaign and be the first to know when new videos are released, sign up to our campaign now.

Watch Part Two now. In this video our participants share their aspirations and discuss the things they would like to change about their sex lives. They also talk sex education and give advice to others navigating sex, intimacy and disability. To get access to the rest of the videos in the series as soon as they come out, sign up to the campaign now.

Meet our participants


Mohammed is in his late 20s and has cerebral palsy. He uses a wheelchair and needs support for most things, including getting ready for a visit with his sex worker. He describes himself as fun and easy-going and isn’t shy to admit he enjoys trying different things and loves sex! For many years, Mo wasn’t sure if or how he could satisfy his sexual needs. He’s now an advocate for exploring your sexuality, seeking out positive relationships, giving everyone a voice and standing up for what you believe!

Marina and Vaughn

Marina and Vaughn are high school sweethearts. After a long courtship, they married a few years ago and moved in together. They have a loving relationship but face challenges when it comes to being intimate together. They wanted to be involved in Under the Covers to share their experiences and help other people understand some of what they go through.


Steven has cerebral palsy, mental illness and is non-verbal. He uses a communication board. He feels strongly about the right for people with disability to have access to everything they need and want, including opportunities to explore their sexuality. Steven thinks being able to talk openly about sexuality is especially important for people like him who have mental illness.


Genni is vivacious, funny and candid. She doesn’t hold back when it comes to speaking her mind. Currently single, Genni has had relationships where her boyfriends have misunderstood her needs and abilities – just because she uses a wheelchair. In Under the Covers, Genni sets the record straight about sexuality and disability.


Jess lives with chronic pain and complex mental health issues. She identifies as gay and uses art and photography as a creative outlet. Jess’s disability isn’t always obvious to others around her. She often faces challenges when it comes to relationships and sexuality because of a lack of awareness or understanding. Jess is speaking up for people like her, as well as many of her friends who have physical disabilities.


It’s time abled-bodied people stopped assuming people with disability have no sexual needs or desires.

We’re interested in partnering with organisations and groups interested in developing services, supports and sex education resources, tools and information to help people with disability explore aspects of sexuality and feel confident in their sexual lives.

We also want to develop tools and resources to educate everyone  – regardless of whether or not you have a disability.

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