Supporting businesses to be inclusive

Since inception in 2014, NI has collaborated with, and consulted to, a variety of partners and organisations and has completed many valuable projects for and with people with disability.

Why consult NI?

Our expertise lies in our ability to enable businesses and organisations to:

  • Better understand their customers / service users who have lived experience of disability
  • Shape their existing services and products to be more inclusive of people with disability
  • Co-create new products and services alongside people with disability, using inclusive and accessible strategies
  • Tackle complex challenges people with disability face within the business or organisation

This inclusive approach results in businesses and organisations delivering higher quality services and supports to all members of their community, driving satisfaction and engagement.

How can we help?

Our services can support businesses/organisations via assistance with or facilitation of:

  • Fully accessible and inclusive insight sessions
  • Specialist expertise in collaborating alongside individuals with high support needs
  • Inclusive co-design sessions
  • Collaborative research
  • Disability sector insights
Who have we partnered with?

Over the years we have worked and partnered with the following organisations:

  • Ability First Australia
  • AbilityMade
  • Asthma Foundation
  • Australian Department of Social Services
  • Dementia Australia
  • Department and Communities and Justice (previously Dept of Families and Communities)
  • Newcastle Council
  • National Disability Insurance Agency
  • Northcott
  • NSW Refugee Health
  • SpineCare Foundation
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • WeFlex
Want to start your inclusive journey?

If your organisation wants to deliver inclusive services and products, reach out to us for support today:

P: 0428 171 326