What we do

Northcott Innovation creates new and unexpected solutions for people with disability. We spark ideas that drive all of us towards a more inclusive society.

What we love

We think that technology, digital communities and online advancements are opening up potential solutions to once intractable problems. We also see great potential in the power of data to inform and guide the insight on which all our work is based.

Our work

Technology and equipment

We design and develop innovative technology and equipment that ensures people fulfil their potential.

Services and supports

We rethink services and supports by bringing together business, government, not-for-profit and community members to design solutions to intractable social problems.

Social change

We drive social change in new and surprising ways, like using mobile apps to create social inclusion games. Watch Ben’s video below to see what inclusion means to a him.


Support innovation

Support a project

If you would like to add value to a current or upcoming project by making a donation, email info@northcottinnovation.com.au


To find out about current opportunities, email info@northcottinnovation.com.au