Samantha Frain, Executive Director
Sam Frain
Executive Director

Sam, our Executive Director, understands how listening to the stories and lived experiences of people with disability can transform gaps and barriers into meaningful opportunities.

With more than 20 years of experience supporting people with disability, Sam has navigated through Occupational Therapy, business development, management and is now leading the NI team. Sam is truly passionate about inclusivity, and knows that the most creative and effective solutions NI can design, are sparked by people with a disability.

Madeleine Donkin

Madeleine has over 20 years experience working in business development, fundraising, marketing and communication for numerous not-for-profit organisations and more than 13 years in the disability industry. Madeleine is committed to ensure people with disability have choices, options and inclusion in all aspects of their lives.

Nartarn Al Dhalimi
SL/lab Manager

Nartarn has over 10 years experience supporting people with disability, mainly in Supported Living. Nartarn truly believes that the supported living environment can enable people to thrive in their lives, however they choose. Nartarn loves pushing support teams to work collaboratively, to challenge each other and to accept only inclusive, human-centred solutions that are designed with input from  people with disability.  

Alicia Melita
Senior Innovation Officer

Alicia’s background is in inclusive education and counselling, with a career spanning over 10 years in the disability sector. Alicia has practical experience in service provision, working with people with disability and their support networks through delivering capacity building programs. Alicia is passionate about inclusion and recognising that people with disability are the experts in their lives. She is also a strong advocate and passionate about the relationships and sexuality rights of people with disability.