We’re collaborating with Northcott and AbilityMade to streamline the supply and delivery of customised Ankle Foot Orthoses for children with disability.


The right orthoses can have immediate and ongoing positive impacts for children with developmental disabilities like Cerebral Palsy. Despite the upside, out of the 100 million children who need orthotics, only 1 in 10 get access to the assistive devices they need, especially in remote and regional areas.


NI proudly collaborates with Northcott and AbilityMade to create 3D AFOs (ankle foot orthotics) for children with disability. More than 50 children in NSW and the ACT have benefitted from customised orthoses using a plaster-cast free and digital approach.

With support from the NSW Department of Industry ‘Disability Sector Scale Up’ initiative, this three-way partnership is redefining Australia’s approach to the prescription, assessment and manufacturing of AFOs for children with disability. The difference is particularly impactful to those living in rural/remote communities.


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