3D Orthotics

We’re trialling the latest 3D printing technology to supply customised orthotics to more kids with disability.


We’re collaborating with six impact-driven organisations to streamline the supply and delivery of customised Ankle Foot Orthoses for children with disabilities.



The right orthotics can have immediate and ongoing positive impacts for children with developmental disabilities like Cerebral Palsy. Despite the upside, out of the 100 million children who need orthotics, only 1 in 10 get access to the assistive devices they need, especially in remote and regional areas.


Short term:

To redefine how the Australian disability sector approaches the prescription, assessment and manufacturing of AFOs for children with Cerebral Palsy, reducing the stress/distress experienced by the child and their families/carers and reducing wait times.

Medium term:

To change the way Orthotics are prescribed and manufactured for all Australian children and adults with disabilities, with particular benefits to those in rural/remote areas.

Long term:

To provide appropriate and clinically sound Orthotics to people with disabilities in developing countries through the utilisation of freely available training packages, open access IP agreements, and centralised fabrication centres.


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