A Good Life is an innovative tool for visualising the lives of people with complex support needs (most likely living in supported care environments). It reframes conversations about support, shifting the focus to lived experience and revealing opportunities for people with disabilities to lead richer and fuller lives.

A Good Life was developed through a joint effort between Northcott Innovation, the UTS School of Design and Parallel Lines. Watch our video to learn more about a Good Life now.

A Good Life supports users to:

– better understand residents’ desires and preferences
– reflect on the factors that restrict vs enhance residents’ lives
– re-imagine what ‘good care’ looks like in supported living environments
– consider how changes to care processes, policy and funding impact the resident experience.

By making these relational complexities and interconnections visible, A Good Life enables supported, autonomous decision-making that balances the practical act of caretaking with the person-centred art of caregiving.

How does A Good Life Work?

Watch our explainer video to understand how A Good Life works.

We need more funds

The collaboration of the four organisations has bought the innovation to where it is today, but more funds are needed to further develop the tool so it can be used with ease across the disability and aged care sectors.

Want to be a part of this exciting innovation? Contact us today:

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“[A Good Life] is about sparking conversation … advocacy … [and] self-reflection … It’s not a risk matrix, it’s not a budget tool, it’s not a cost-benefit analysis, it’s not that sort of a tool. It’s a much more qualitative, quality-of-life planning and conversation and advocacy tool.” — Samantha Frain, Executive Director, Northcott Innovation