Boredom Busters

A new opportunity for people with disability living in supported accommodation settings and their staff

Over the coming weeks and months many people with disability who live in supported accommodation settings will be spending more time at home as a result of COVID-19. This might be because their regular activities, such as hydrotherapy have stopped, or because their weekly programs like Lifeskills have transitioned to online models. While all of these changes strive to maintain the health and wellbeing of people with disability, NI knows that everyone being at home, all the time, poses a new challenge… cabin fever!

What is Northcott doing to help?

NI is tackling cabin fever head on by collaborating with Northcott Therapy on an initiative called Boredom Busters.

Boredom Busters sees Northcott’s amazing therapists, alongside NI’s team of designers and innovators, imagine a range of fun, engaging and entertaining activities that people with disability living in accommodation settings can participate in from the comfort of their own home, using everyday household items. All activities have been uniquely designed to match the skills and capabilities of people with disability living in supported accommodation settings, and are delivered straight into homes via remote means.

Boredom Busters was developed quickly, and rolled out rapidly, with the aim of providing immediate support to accommodation settings in response to COVID-19. The videos are candid, down to earth, and full of ‘bloopers’. Filmed in house at NI’s office, and sometimes filmed in the Therapists actual house, the videos hope to offer frontline staff a fun range of ready to go activities that they can call on when boredom strikes, or when everyone needs a change.

You can watch a selection of videos here.

What are Boredom Buster activities?

Activities will be wild and wonderful, and only limited by the creativity of Northcott’s therapists. Customers will be able to join:

If you and the customers you work with have a great idea for an activity, please let us know by emailing

When does it start?

Boredom Busters is available now! New content will be added each day so make sure you check in regularly to see what’s on each week.

How do we find out more?

For more information about Boredom Busters please reach out to the NI team at email us