Boredom Busters

NI tackled COVID-19 cabin fever by collaborating with Northcott Therapy to create Boredom Busters.

With COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 forcing every single person worldwide to spend more time at home, many started new hobbies such as cooking, exercising, and getting creative with art. However, NI knew these resources weren’t always accessible or relevant to the disability community.

Boredom Busters is a bunch of fun and interesting activities people can try in their own home. They are created for people with disability and are guaranteed to entertain, engage and amuse.

Choose from almost one hundred activities to try in the comfort of your home. All activities can be followed via videos and use everyday household items.

Try something new today.

Choose from our library of Boredom Busters and have fun!


For more information about Boredom Busters please reach out to the NI team.