Volunteers who have vision impairment needed

Published in October 2016

Northcott Innovation and UDKU are looking for volunteers with vision impairment to take part in field research and test Guide Dots (a smart phone app).

Guide Dots is an app that aims to help individuals who have a vision impairment not only navigate between point A and B, but understand what’s between A and B.


We are developing an improved version of the free app Guide Dots. Guide Dots is an iOS and Android app that provides individuals with vision impairment broader information of the world around them and references points of interest between locations. The objective of the field research is to receive feedback from participants with vision impairment that have tested the Guide Dots app in a real world environment.

The findings will be consolidated and used to improve the Guide Dots app.

We are looking for volunteers that:

  • Have low vision or are blind
  • Have and are confident in using an iOS smartphone
  • Are confident in using their chosen Orientation and Mobility approaches when out in their community
  • Are aged over 18years or between 14-18years with parental/guardian consent
  • Are confident in using public transport, and feel comfortable when ‘out and about’ in their local community

What will our participating volunteers be asked to do?

We want to test and understand how participants utilise the Guide Dots smartphone app as they go about their daily routine. In order to do this, we would like to question participants via email on how they felt Guide Dots performed whilst they:

  • Complete an everyday routine of your choosing; and/or
  • Complete a short walk

Our testing is intended to not be intrusive and we do not want to prevent participants from doing what they need to do, when they need to do it.

After testing our app, we may like to have a short conversation with participants about:

  • How the felt the app performed
  • What technical solutions they think could improve their experience
  • Additional commentary on how we can enhance their independence by assisting the navigation of an urban environment.

Important information:

  • Your personal details will not be identifiable in any findings, reports or summaries produced
  • We will not keep or store your personal information beyond finalisation of the field testing and will not at any point share it with third parties
  • All the participating professionals have been cleared to work with children and vulnerable populations

Do you want to volunteer?

To express your interest in participating email us us

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your email address
  • Details on your current phone eg. iPhone 6S, iPhone 7
  • Your residential Sydney suburb
  • Your preferred channel of contact (Phone or Email)