Velvet Expressions – Sexuality & Disability

Published in June 2018

Are you a person with disability who identifies as LGBTQI or who is exploring their sexuality? Are you a person with disability who has experienced barriers to expressing and exploring your sexuality?

As part of NI’s research project – Velvet Expressions – we’re looking for individuals to join us for an evening of wild and wonderful conversations that lift the lid on the social taboo surrounding sexuality and disability. We want to hear your stories, thoughts and opinions on how sexuality/adult themed services, products, events and activities can be more inclusive of people with disability.

Velvet Expressions wants to hear the voice of people with disability, and create a safe space where individuals can openly discuss, debate and explore the topic of sexuality and disability. We want to better understand the barriers (be it physical, environmental, social) that prevent individuals from participating in sexuality activities of their choosing, and together identify possible ways to overcome them.

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