It’s time to celebrate: Nest 3.0 has launched

Published in December 2020

Nest 3.0 is officially ready and there are a number of changes that will make Nest even easier to use.

The three main ones are:

  • A new ‘Match score’
  • Ability to make applications without a complete account
  • Filtering flexibility!

How does the matching score work?

Nest’s matching algorithm is a highly technical feature in the back end of Nest which enables the site to match available properties with someone’s funding, housing needs and preferences.

However, since we launched Nest, we’d heard from a number of providers that depending on the property and the person’s needs, sometimes there can be flexibility around this ‘matching’ and that providers would rather have those conversations than not have their property shown at all.

So…. we’ve added our matching score to the site.

The matching score shows how well the property ‘matches’ the funding type, desired living location, housing requirements and preferences of the person looking for their new home. The longer the line; the better the match. 

This means someone searching for their new home may be shown properties even if they aren’t a perfect ‘match’, but they’ll easily be able to see how good a match the property is before they apply.

Applying for a property is easier now – no account is required!

Sometimes we know people don’t want to spend time creating an account on Nest and simply want to apply for a property they see – immediately! So now they can. This should make it much easier and faster for anyone to apply for a property… and come back and complete their registration when they have more time later.

We still recommend everyone creates an account, however, they can still be notified whenever a new property that meets their needs and preferences is added to Nest.

More flexibility with filtering

We have added new and easy-to-use filtering options for when anyone is searching for their new home. This will make it significantly easier to narrow or broaden searches as they wish without having to change details in their account.