Boredom Busters has come to an end

Published in December 2020

Nine months have passed since Boredom Busters was born as a quick response to COVID with fun, engaging and entertaining activities that people with disability, and their support staff, could access from the comfort of their home. The goal was to provide everyone with ideas for simple, easy, low cost activities that help break up the monotony of the day whilst everyone was at home, following COVID social distancing and/or isolation guidelines.

Since it’s conception, NI and Northcott’s Therapy team have been able to produce more than 100 videos which have been viewed by 3,861 people!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in one way or another – Boredom Busters has been a huge success and made a substantial difference to the lives of people with disability who have been isolated at home during COVID.

The last Boredom Busters videos will be launched the 18 of December and after that the content will remain on NI’s YouTube channel as an enduring resource for everyone to use.


The Boredom Busters team