Sexuality and disability

We’ve been working hard to support people with disability enjoy and express their sexuality


Sexuality is a human right. People with disability have the right to live full, independent lives of their own choosing and this includes expressing their sexuality.



Our parent, Northcott, works to support individuals in their pursuit of a satisfying sexual life. We work with them to learn more about the difficulties facing people with disability and use this knowledge as a springboard from which to innovate. We are currently working in two areas:

  • Advocacy – Under the Covers campaign
  • Sex toys and disability
  • Sex education

Advocacy – Under the Covers

Under the Covers is a new campaign raising awareness and educating the community about the right for people with disability to express their sexuality, have fulfilling and loving relationships, and enjoy a satisfying sexual life.

In four videos, six people with disability share their experiences of exploring sexuality, intimacy and relationships and the challenges they face enjoying a satisfying sexual life.

Find out more about the campaign and follow our videos and participants here.

Sex toys and disability

People with a disability enjoy the benefits of using a range of sex toys suited to their individual tastes and desires, just like adults without disabilities. For many people with disability, using a sex toy can also enable them to explore and enjoy their sexuality.

We are working with them to find out more about their sexuality needs and gaps in the current sex toy market. Most sex toys are not designed inclusively. For example, they can have small buttons that are difficult to manipulate for those with reduced fine motor skills. We are seeking to use our deep knowledge of the needs and desires of people with disability to influence the current design and manufacture of sex toys to become more inclusive.

Sex education

People with a disability are often assumed to have no sexual needs or desires and sometimes ignored when it comes to sex education. In addition, the sex education provided to people with a disability often leaves gaps or only explores selected aspects of sexuality. It often doesn’t encompass the creativity and inventiveness required to accommodate all aspects of a person’s abilities and sexuality.

We are passionate about providing people with disability the tools they need to be fully informed about all aspects of sexuality and to feel confident in their sexual lives.

Collaborators wanted

We’re looking to partner with individuals, businesses and organisations interested in providing innovative educational services and products to people with a disability to help them live satisfying and safe sexual lives.

Partner with us

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