Under the Covers has come to an end

Published in October 2020

Our campaign, Under the Covers has come to an end. It was initially launched on 24th October 2019 with the primary goal to raise awareness and educate the community about the right for people with disability to express their sexuality, have fulfilling and loving relationships and enjoy a satisfying sexual life.


Over a series of revealing videos, six people from across the disability spectrum shared their experiences of navigating intimate relationships and the barriers they face to enjoy a satisfying sexual life.

“Every time you bring up the word ‘sex’ everyone gets a bit awkward. No one wants to speak about it, but it’s actually a really important topic”, said Mohammed Samrah.

The free-ranging discussions in the videos covered everything from sex, love, intimacy and relationships to community attitudes and sex workers.  “I sent the videos to a couple of friends and they found them really informative. They had nothing but praise for them.”

We were so pleased that more than 12,000 people from across the globe watched our last video and took the time to learn more about the experiences of people with disability. We have also been featured in a guest blog at our friends at XES Products, which you can view here.

Now, NI is looking to build on the success of Under the Covers by partnering with organisations and groups who are passionate about disability and sexuality. We are interested in working with others to enhance services, develop educational resources, create tools and re-imagine information to help people with disability express and explore their sexuality

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